Distorting Voices – Old Time Phonograph

December 8, 2017

In developing the various Sleuthhounds games a good chunk of time goes into the audio preparation of the voices. This effort is usually spent on trying to make the audio sound as good as possible by removing any background noise or filtering out any breath pops that may have gotten into the recordings. However, for The Yuletide Tail I had to take the clean recordings of some lines and distort them in various ways. Read More

The Yuletide Tail Trailer

December 1, 2017

It’s twenty-four days until Christmas and only seventeen days until the release of Sleuthhounds: The Yuletide Tail. That makes it the prefect time to start getting into the festive frame of mind. Here’s a little something to help kick start the season, The Yuletide Tail trailer! Read More

Yuletide comes Early

November 24, 2017

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the issue countdown for the upcoming Sleuthhounds: The Yuletide Tail you’ve seen a few ups and a bunch of downs. The game is in a really good spot at this point and is about to enter the final testing phase. All this and it’s still over a month until Christmas itself. Still, one question remains: when is The Yuletide Tail actually going to release? Read More

Christmas Countdown

November 17, 2017

Each day, Sleuthhounds: The Yuletide Tail is getting closer and closer to completion. While I'm not yet ready to set a firm release date for the game I have reached the point in development where it becomes meaningful to countdown the list of all the outstanding items that need to be completed. Read More

Short Story Published: Rites and Responsibilities

November 10, 2017

The Doctor Who Project is a Canadian run website that took up the mantle of telling ongoing Doctor Who stories when the original, classic series went off the air in 1986. The TDWP (for short) continued the Doctor’s adventures, creating their own Doctor’s following on from the seventh, Sylvester McCoy. In recent weeks, they’ve been releasing stories for their forty-first season including, I’m pleased to say, one of mine. Read More