Announcing: Satin & Sutherland – The Golden Curse

December 5, 2014

It. Is. Done!

Only minutes ago, I finished uploading my new novel—Satin & Sutherland – The Golden Curse—to several fine e-tailers. As I reported last week, it appears the time it takes for a book to find its way into these online stores for purchase can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days. I’ll be updating the website and tweeting as each store makes the book available.

When all is said and done, you’ll be able to purchase the book from any of these fine sites:

[Amazon] Amazon - Available Now!

[Kobo] Kobo - Available Now!

[Apple iBooks] Apple iBooks - Available Now!

[Google Play] Google Play - Available Now!

Satin & Sutherland – The Golden Curse is set in 1879 in the Dominion of Canada. Satin New Brunswick—a gearhead—and William “Deuces” Sutherland—a gambler and con man—are on the search for a lost gold mine. In their travels, they solve clues, meet eccentric people, visit historic locations, and are confronted by pirates!

So grab a cup of Arbuckle’s (that’s coffee—it’s mentioned in the book, hint, hint) and head to your friendly ebook supplier.

Still not convinced? Find out more in the Satin & Sutherland section of the website.


Download one of these free preview samples featuring the first few scenes from the novel:

[PDF] Download PDF format (Download Size: 1.7 MB)

[ePUB] Download ePUB format for most eReaders (Download Size: 0.2 MB)

[mobi] Download mobi format for Kindle (Download Size: 1.2 MB)


Watch the “Available Now” trailer right here:

Trailer #2: Pursued


Take a closer look at the book’s cover:

[The cover to Satin and Sutherland - The Golden Curse]
The cover to Satin & Sutherland - The Golden Curse


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