Announcing: Sleuthounds – The Unlocked Room

March 6, 2015

Elementary, my dear blog reader.

Sleuthhounds – The Unlocked Room has just been released for download 100% absolutely free!

Sleuthhounds – The Unlocked Room is a point-n-click adventure game for your Windows based PC or tablet (yep, it works with touch controls). It is a small technical demo that serves as a preface to a full length game hopefully coming later this year.

But that’s the future and this is now. And in the now you have a fun, little adventure game to play. Adventure games are great for gamers and non-gamers alike as they depend on your brain rather than your reflexes. Don’t worry about the game being too difficult. Handy settings and a built in hint system allow you to customize the difficulty so that it’s just right for you.

In the demo, you take on the role of Pureluck Homes, famed consulting detective from the Cubes storyverse. Homes awakens from a chloroform induced stupor to find himself trapped in a dungeon. The only way out: an open hatch in the ceiling above, tantalizingly beyond his reach. Can you guide the dauntless detective to freedom? Can you learn the identity of the one behind Homes’s capture? And whatever happened to the invitation to Homes’s next big case?

Head on over to the spiffy new Sleuthhounds section of the website to download your copy of the demo for Windows now.

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Want to contribute to the future full game? Send me your feedback, I’d love to incorporate it into the full game.

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Enjoy the demo and keep checking for updates on future Sleuthhounds developments.