The Cast of Robyn HUD: Robyn

April 28, 2017

I finally got around to putting a little more time into the Robyn model for the Robyn HUD game. When I last posted the work in progress on Robyn, I had started on her face. A face alone does not a head make and even then there were a few tweaks I wanted to make to the face. I’ve dealt with that now and have a full head that, crazily enough, is even attached to the body.

[A sneak peek of the evolving Robyn model.]
A sneak peek of the evolving Robyn model.

[A closer look at Robyn's evolving head.]
A closer look at Robyn’s evolving head.

I’m much more pleased with Robyn’s look now. This model is still a work in progress as there are a few asymmetrical details I want to add and a few minor, minor tweaks still to make. However, those can wait for a bit while also allowing me to use the current model in the game itself.

Speaking of in game, Robyn Chambers is one half of the titular Robyn HUD. She’s a skilled cat burglar of no fixed address, save an old Corvette that she cobbled together from various parts she was able to find, buy, or steal. As the game opens, Robyn is in trouble. Captured by the police, she takes the offer that Arthur gives her to join his band of thieves. Hey, it beats prison.

Watch for more cast reveals in future blog installments.