On Sale: The Halloween Deception

October 20, 2017

Halloween is fast approaching once again, but for some it can’t get here soon enough. To help you get into the Halloween mood a little early the Sleuthhounds – The Halloween Deception computer game is on sale through November fourth.

Be sure to spread the word in all the usual suspect social media.


An urgent summons brings detecting duo Pureluck Homes and Jane Ampson to Bram Tender’s annual Halloween party. But all is not fun and games as the party goers – employees at Tender's Novelty Co. – are in danger of being…or-elsed.

Our peerless private investigators must put a stop to practical jokes gone too far: itching powder allergies, critical banana slippage, silly string suffocation, and chattering vampire teeth. Can they save the day, win the Halloween contests, and ferret out the perpetrator all before the party ends with a bang?

Have a safe, happy, and Sleuthhounds-filled Halloween, everyone! And check back next week when I go into a post mortem for the game. Warning: there will be spoilers.