Short Story Published: Rites and Responsibilities

November 10, 2017

The Doctor Who Project is a Canadian run website that took up the mantle of telling ongoing Doctor Who stories when the original, classic series went off the air in 1989. The TDWP (for short) continued the Doctor’s adventures, creating their own Doctor’s following on from the seventh, Sylvester McCoy. In recent weeks, they’ve been releasing stories for their forty-first season including, I’m pleased to say, one of mine.

Rites and Responsibilities features the TDWP’s tenth Doctor (not David Tennant) and his companion Hannah. The two stumble across a space station where an alien scientist is constructing a weapon that can go back in time and eliminate any enemy race before that race ever evolves and eliminates the scientist’s own race. When things go horribly wrong, Hannah finds herself thrust into a world where the Doctor as she knew him no longer exists. Can Hannah convince the Admin to help her restore time to its natural course?

The story is available for free download from the TDWP’s website. It’s adorned by a brilliant cover designed by Robert Pollock. Vworp on over to the TDWP today and check it out.

If you enjoy the writing, then also be sure to check out my novel Satin & Sutherland: The Golden Curse.

[Rites and Responsibilities]
Rites and Responsibilities