[The Cubes]The Cubes are a group of anthropomorphic comic strip characters. The very first Cubes character was Hot Dog, Canine Defender of the Innocent. I originally used him in a comic I created in 2002 as a parody of golden and silver age comic books.

In 2005 I supplemented Hot Dog with the full cast of Cubes characters—a group of office dwellers dealing with the craziness that is the “real” world. At that point, the few Hot Dog comics I had done came under the full Cubes title.

Finally, in 2007, I started www.CubesComic.com to make all the existing comic material available online. Since that time, Cubes has continued to grow with regular updates and additions to the website. Some of the comics are funny, some are even poignant, and some are remarkable for their poor spelling and grammar.

If you enjoy my works then, by all means, help yourself to a serving of The Cubes.

–Richard Hoover