Yuletide comes Early

November 24, 2017

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the issue countdown for the upcoming Sleuthhounds: The Yuletide Tail you’ve seen a few ups and a bunch of downs. The game is in a really good spot at this point and is about to enter the final testing phase. All this and it’s still over a month until Christmas itself. Still, one question remains: when is The Yuletide Tail actually going to release?

The previous Sleuthhounds holiday games, The Valentine’s Vendetta and The Halloween Deception, both released on their respective holidays, February 14th 2016 and October 31st 2016. However, Christmas tends to be a much busier time for people than either Valentine’s or Halloween. In light of that, I’ve settled on a release date that will bring Christmas to players a little early this year.

On December 18th 2017, Sleuthhounds: The Yuletide Tail will be joining its fellow Sleuthhounds games on itch.io.

Keep an eye on this blog in coming weeks for more details, screenshots, and, if all goes to plan, the game’s trailer. For today, here’s a shot of the exterior of Homes and Ampson’s flat on Candlemaker Street.

[332C Candlemaker Street - Home of the Sleuthhounds]
332C Candlemaker Street – Home of the Sleuthhounds
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